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Thông tin về sản phẩm

Simplified operation

The IC-M700PRO is easy to use whether you are new to SSB or an expert. Channel selection is quick and easy to access with large, independent GROUP and CHANNEL knobs. Each panel button has only 1 function. The large, easy to read display shows channel (or frequency) and operating status at a glance. A new green LCD is easy to see in sunlight, but not too bright for night operations.

Powerful output extends your communications reach

The powerful 150 W* (PEP) transmitter provides long distance communication you can rely on. To make sure that power is always available to you—even during demanding RTTY (radio teletype) or E-mail operation—a large cooling fan combined with the ICM700PROs aluminum chassis keep the radio cool.
* 60 W (PEP) above the 24 MHz bands.

Scanning functions

Locate desired signals quickly with a powerful memory scan feature.

Additional Features

  • Automatic antenna tuner, the AT-140, is available to match the transceiver to your antenna
  • Numerous operating modes* available: USB, AM, CW, FSK and AFSK
    *Ask your dealer for details.
  • Wide band, general coverage receive — 0.5 to 29.9999 MHz
  • Channel/frequency knob allows the user to tune specific frequencies around the memory channel
  • NMEA plus 2 DIN connectors are available for external equipment connection, such as a linear amplifier, FSK terminal, E-mail modem, etc.
  • Optional 2-tone alarm function (UT-95 2-TONE ALARM UNIT required) provides simple transmission of emergency signals
  • NMEA0813 interface included

Frequency coverage



0.5 - 29.9999 MHz

1.6 - 2.9999 MHz

4.0 - 4.9999 MHz

6.0 - 6.9999 MHz

8.0 - 8.9999 MHz

12.0 - 13.9999 MHz

16.0 - 17.9999 MHz

18.0 - 19.9999 MHz

22.0 - 22.9999 MHz

25.- 27.5000 MHz

Number of channels150 (max.; 3 groups of 50 channels each)
Antenna impedanceSO-239 (50Ω)
Power supply requirement13.6 V DC ±15%

Current drain

(at 13.6 V DC)

Txmax. power30 A typ
Rxmax. audio output2.5 A

Operating temperature

Guaranteed range

-30°C to +60°C

-22°F to +140°F

-20°C to +60°C

-4°F to +140°F)

Frequency stability

±10 Hz (0.5-14.9999 MHz)

±20 Hz (15-29.9999 MHz)


(projections not included)

291.4(W) × 116.4(H) × 315(D) mm

1115/32(W) × 419/32(H) × 1213/32(D) in

Weight7.9 kg; 17 lb 7 oz
Remote connectorNMEA D-sub 9-pin (female)
ACC 1 connectorDIN 8-pin (female)
ACC 2 connectorDIN 7-pin (female)
Output power

150 W PEP (below 24 MHz)

60 W PEP (above 24 MHz)

Spurious emissions-75 dB typical
Unwanted sideband70 dB typical
Carrier suppression65 dB typ.
Microphone impedance8-pin connector (600 Ω)



(for 12 dB SINAD)


(for 10dB S/N)

6.3µV (0.5-1.5999 MHz)

1 µV (1.6-1.7999 MHz)

0.35 µV typical( 1.8-29.9999 MHz)

32 µV (0.5-1.5999 MHz)

6.3 µV (1.6-1.7999 MHz)

2.2 µV typical (1.8-29.9999 MHz)

Spurious response rejection ratio80dB typ. (1.6 - 29.9999MHz)

Audio output power

(at 13.8 V DC)

5 W typ. at 10% distortion with a 4 Ω load
Clarity variable range±150Hz
External speaker jack2-conductor 6.5 (d) mm (14″)/4-8 Ω

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Supplied Accessories

  • Hand microphone
  • DC power cable
  • ACC plugs
  • Mounting bracket kits
  • Microphone hanger
  • Speaker plug
  • Spare fuses
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